Trebert Four Cylinder Stationary Axial Type Engine

The air-cooled engine had four axial cast-iron cylinders and a central rotary valve, which communicated with the small finned cylinders at the end of the main cylinders, from which the spark plugs protrude. The stationary valve had a one inlet and one outlet port on its periphery, connecting to the radial cylinders as they passed. Since the ports have to open every two revs of the crank the cylinders have to revolve at half engine speed.
The Trebert engine was a rotary; the cylinders and crank case revolved, while the central shaft remaine stationary. This is the only axial engine in this gallery that does not use either a wobble-plate or a swashplate. Instead each axial cylinder drove a small crankshaft, with bevel gears at the inner end of each shaft engaging with a large gear on the central output shaft; power output was taken from the crankcase end. The propeller speed was thus reduced to one-half of crankshaft speed.

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